A Revolutionary New Design For One Of Golf's Oldest Products

Unlike ordinary tees that break or snap out of the ground—the titan golf tees utilize a stationary base with a cutout fairway window -- all built around the pivot and swivel design.

The Titan Golf System is designed to give you the most accurate feedback from the point of impact of any golf product today.

** It tells you when you hit it right and when you hit it wrong. **

After your swing, If the tee is laying centered in the fairway window, you know you have a good swing path and straight driver contact with the ball. If the tee is lying slightly too or away from you in the fairway window –you know you’re not hitting the ball straight and you are introducing rotational forces on the ball that create a hook or slice.

The interchangeable tee system is a simple snap-in snap-out replacement process, each one designed to replicate the height most commonly used for your specific drivers.

The stationary bases are available in 3 different designs; each one incorporates the patented fairway window and designed for a different application.

  • The Course Base
    is easy to use and the preferred base for the T-Box at the course. Hitit - pull it - go to the next T-box. The unique qualities of the Titan Tee design eliminates most interference associated with standard golf tees , giving you a cleaner ball dispersion with the smoothest most accurate shot, swing after swing. The Visual Verification you receive of your shot right at the moment it happens is a great teaching tool.

  • The Practice Base
    is the perfect base for the driving range, backyard or apartment complex. Designed for a firmer grip, the Grass Practice Tee is a favorite for home use to hit balls into a net or waffle balls across the yard. Don’t let high gas prices keep you from perfecting your game. This base with the Fairway Gauge is your own driving range right where you are at.

  • The Turf Tee
    is a practice system designed especially for Golf Practice Mats. No more frustrations with standard rubber tees that don’t give any feedback. Adjust the tee to your practice routine and continue your golf season no matter the climate outside.

“Its not the 14 you hit down the fairway that cost you, it’s the 4 you hit into the trees”.

It Helps You Practice These Areas

  • Develop Correct Foot Location

  • Shows If You Have Square Clubface Contact w/ Ball

  • Learn To Hit In The Power Zone For Greater Distance

  • Correct Hooks And Slices

Instant Benefits

  • Consistant Tee Height Every Time

  • Cleaner Release For More Accurate Flight And Distance

  • Best Tool To Use On Practice Round

  • Gives Instant Feedback After Every Swing

  • Great Addition To Your Golf Lessons

The Interchangeable Tee System is designed to go from one club size to the next using the same practice base, tee location, and practice set up. Simply snap out the current tee and snap in the newer size associated with your current driver and you are set.

Each Titan Tee is manufactured with our durable synthetic material under strict tolerance guidelines. Simply put—These tees can be used over and over and the patented cam lock design prevents any tee bounce back after your swing, giving you a perfect and accurate Tee Reading every time.

Each tee is designed and available in the size most commonly used for your specific drivers.

  • 2 ¼ “ length designed for most beginner / youth, and moderate volume drivers

  • 2 ¾ “ length designed for most 3, 4, and 5 woods

  • 3 ¼ “ length well suited for Metal Woods and drivers over 360cc in volume

  • The Fairway Gauge
    is included in each new set and is a valuable tool for home practice use. With Gas prices soaring, use the Fairway Gauge when you can’t get to the range to continue a good practice routine during the week. Fairway Gauge works with all three bases and can be reprinted from our website whenever necessary.

  • Full Color Training Helps Guide
    included with every set. Tips on how to use the practice tee to help you become a better golfer.

  • Remember;
    1. A good golf swing is the result of a continual habit formation exercise, not just a thought process.

      The Titan Golf Tee was created on the premise that "Practice doesn’t make perfect...perfect practice makes perfect"

      The Perfect Practice Tee is your daily coach reinforcement while you are at home or on the range.

      Designed for Golfers of all ages and abilities.

Warranty –We are the only tee in the industry that offers product replacement warranty on any tee or base that is broken. Just go to the WARRANTY SECTION and contact one of our staff representatives for full product replacement information.