Square Driver Contact at Address

When your feet and shoulders are aligned, its easy to take it for granted that your club face is too. Your address position is perhaps the most important factor in hitting a great shot. If your swing is flawed at address, it'll usually just get worse by impact.

You can develop good driver to ball contact in your practice routine by working on two basics.

Check your club face alignment on the practice tee by laying a ruler perpendicular to the target line on the grass behind the ball. This will make it obvious whether the club face is open, closed or square.

After your swing, if the tee is laying slightly to or away from you in the 90 degree cutout, this shows you are not hitting the ball straight and may not have square club face contact on impact. A slight adjustment to your grip for the club face or another slight stance adjustment may be the fix needed.

Strike Gauge

Use the Perfect Practice Tee with the Strike Gauge indicator as a Visual Indicator of your club head angle and swing path at home or on the range