How-To Video

• Instant swing analysis

• Tee heights: 2-1/4 - 2-3/4 - 3-1/4

• Consistent tee height

• Reusable over and over

• Won’t pop out of the ground like other tees

• Perfect for backyard driving practice with whiffle balls

3 Different Bases To Choose From

Golf Course Base
  • Easy to use
  • Preferred base to use on the course
  • Hit it - pull it - go to the next T-box
Designed for a firmer grip, the Driving Range Tee is designed to insert and hold while you hit that bucket of balls.
A favorite for home use to hit balls into a net or wiffle balls across the yard.
  • Consistent Tee Height
  • Helps develop a practice routine

Designed especially for Golf Practice Mats.

No more frustrations with standard rubber tees that don’t give any feedback.

2 sizes available

  • Residential turf mat height 0.60 inch tall base height
  • Commercial turf mat height 0.90 inch tall base height