Consistency is the Key

The Pros do it the same way each and every time

Foot Location- Tee Height -Swing Path with slight variations to address the target.

The Perfect Practice Tee is the only golf tee that shows your tendencies and help you address those areas by developing a correct practice routine based on real time feedback.

With the Perfect Practice Tee and the Fairway Gauge you can develop a practice routine based on REAL TIME FEEDBACK from each and every golf swing.

A Good Golf Swing is a Result of Continual Habit Formation Exercise Not Just a Thought Process

The premise that Practice Doesn't make Perfect is correct. A person can practice the same bad habits or swing tendencies over and over and not improve their game or lower their score.

The re-usable tee, consistent location, and the ability to see your swing path, shot after shot, will help you develop a solid practice routine on the following areas: