Power Zone Location Equals Control and Distance

Each driver is engineered and manufactured with a Sweet Spot or Power Zone where the club is designed to come in contact with the ball and provide the optimal control and distance for down range success.


If the Club head is too low on impact the tee may pop out of the base and flip forward on the grass. This is a great practice indicator that your golf swing is perhaps too low and the club head is skimming the grass upon approach to contact. You're hitting the ball higher on the drivers face than the club was designed and getting unnecessary height and not enough distance.


Club head too low.

  • Perhaps move your stance back slightly (left and right) because you are hitting the ball on the downward motion of the swing.
  • Make sure you are not to close (in and out).
  • Don't drop your shoulder on your drive swing

Watch for this key indicator and use it to your advantage to develop better contact with the power zone. The result will be more distance and improved accuracy.

Make sure you are not too close to the ball (In and Out).